Management and leadership consulting

Counsel, coaching

Build a happy team !
Build a happy team !

Management and leadership consulting consists of coaching and counseling managers, function directors, big projects managers and intermediate ones.

The aim of these individual and collective coachings is the improvement of collective performance of the attended group.


-strategy (formulation, clarification, refocus, deployment)

-management (collaboration between the function, coherent and maximized resources allowance)

-methods (matrix, projects conduct, quality management tools) and

-relational, psychological and behavioral support

Strategic direction and thematics seminars

Management and leadership consulting
The group progresses within 4 points !

This activity can be developed on the clients sites, on external sites chosen by clients or on a site that we suggest to our client. Direction seminars are reflection seminars that concern direction committee personal, and possibly the personal involved in the functions until middle management, according to the objectives aimed by the directors.

Seminars can be or strategic or thematic : “quality approach”, “EFQM”, “sustainable development”, “marketing and communication”, “company project”, “change conduct”, “enterprise culture” « culture of the enterprise »?, “knowledge management”, “HR policy”, “training policy”, etc.